Virginia Rain is a Licensed Certified Aesthetician and Healer with an expertise in permanent makeup.  She has a holistic approach to beauty, and her calm, comfortable studio reflects that belief.  

About Permanent Makeup


Permanent Makeup is a great way to wake up feeling beautiful and save time during your morning routine.  Permanent Makeup is great for athletic individuals, people with allergies to makeup, people with natural uneven brows, people who wear contact lenses, people with limited dexterity, or people who are short on time.  It's also great for moms on the go - a fantastic time-saving solution that will make you look and feel beautiful every day and have you ready to go from the moment you wake up.  All equipment and supplies are sterile and safe.

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Eyebrows, Eyes, Lips, and Beauty Marks

Eyelash Enhancer $250

Some people are unable to grow eyelashes or can grow only sparse ones. This may be due to alopecia, chemotherapy, medication side effects or even obsessive plucking. Permanent make-up can help. During this procedure, pigment is "implanted" in a dot-like matrix fashion into your lid margin at the base of your eyelashes with a tiny tattoo needle. Another option is Blinc Long Lash, a product I carry that promotes eye lash growth.

Permanent Eyeliner $425

Tired of constantly putting on and then taking off your eyeliner? Permanent eyeliner involves applying pigment in a thin line along your lid margin, just where conventional eyeliner would be applied. It can define your eyes or enhance the appearance of the eye and surrounding area.

Permanent Eyebrows $435

Your eyebrows frame your face, but if they are sparse, pale or unruly they can throw your whole face out of whack. Do-it-yourself eyebrow shaping can be time-consuming and the results are often less than stellar. Micropigmentation is a time-saving option. Remember that your new eyebrows will be permanent. Steer clear of anything too trendy or unrealistic super-high arches.

Permanent Lip Liner $450

Permanent lip liner can even out any asymmetries in your natural lips, or create the appearance of a more defined lip line. It can even make your lips look fuller just as lip augmentation procedures can. Permanent lip liner also has some reconstructive potential. People who were born with a cleft lip are often left with an asymmetrical upper lip. Sometimes this can be corrected with micropigmentation.

Full Lip Color $700

Full lip color micropigmentation combines permanent lip liner with permanent lipstick. Essentially, you are having color tattooed on your whole lips. Don't pick a color that you will regret in years to come, especially as your skin tone changes with aging.

Tattoo Beauty Mark $50

Think about Cindy Crawford or Marilyn Monroe and a beauty mark just under the eyes or above the lip comes to mind. If this look appeals to you, micropigmentation can make it happen.


Wake Up with Make-Up

Permanent Make-Up Package


Eyebrows ........................           $435


Add length to natural Brows..  $250

Both Upper & Lower ...........     $425

Upper Eyeliner ...................       $300


Eyelash Enhancer ...............      $250


Lower Lash Line ..................     $195
Lip Liner blended..................    $450
Full Lip Color ........................     $700

"Pin-Up Girl" Beauty Mark .......  $50

Busy moms, athletes, contact wearers, or folks with limited dexterity or makeup allergies will love waking up looking fresh every morning.

Eyebrows and Eyelash Enhancer............................. $675

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